Why go Canadian?

Why would an American production house or network choose a Canadian provider of Descriptive Video (or, as it’s called in Canada, Described Video)? There are several reasons:


1) Canada started scheduling DV as part of its Network Licencing mandate back in 2001. In the US, DV also became mandated in 2001, but soon after that the ruling was overturned by a court, and the whole concept of describing television for the blind remained mostly in obscurity until last year.


2) Canadian voice talent is good! Many international outlets, TV and radio networks based all over the world choose Canadian talent due to their pleasant and relatively neutral accents.


3) It’s cost-effective. Due to the fact that Canadian companies have been supplying DV to local networks and producers for such a long time, the market has forced prices down. On top of that, at this moment you’d get a few extra cents on the dollar thanks to a favourable rate of exchange.


4) The process is transparent. With online file transfers, it really doesn’t matter where your production is getting described. It is fast, efficient and reliable!


So, all in all, going Canadian for your DV isn’t such a bad idea, eh?