Descriptive Video

What is it?

Also called Described Video, Video Description or Audio Description, Descriptive Video (DV) is the closed-captioning equivalent for the vision impaired. It`s an audio track containing all the original elements of a particular piece of video content (TV show, film, internet) plus a narration of all additional visual elements. This narration describes all of the on-screen action as it unfolds, including the actions and appearance of the characters and their environments and what is not communicated through the dialogue, music, or sound effects.

Essentially, DV provides a more enriching video experience for the blind. And as 10% of the North American population is blind or vision impaired, creating accessible content is critical.

Medieval soldiers firing crossbows


“The soldiers turn to aim their weapons at the crowd and fire.”

From the series The Adventures Of Merlin. ©2011 Shine Limited. Licensed by FreemantleMedia Enterprises. All rights reserved.

How do we do it?

First, we review your content and ask the following questions: What’s the main story? What audience are we trying to reach? What is the level of language we should use? Who is the best narrator to complement the existing script? What is the overall tone of the content and how do we respect it with our narration?

From the answers to these questions, we write the DV script with two main goals: To ensure the story is accurately told with the DV augmentations and to ensure our narration fits within your existing soundtrack. We work to keep your soundtrack intact, combining the DV with the existing dialogue, music and sound effects. Occasionally we have to overlap existing dialogue and we do this carefully so that content is never lost.

Next, we cast the appropriate narrator for your project. We have a large pool of experienced voice talent that we choose from to best complement the content.

The final step is to record, edit and mix the final product. We remove all breaths and pops to make our narration clean and audible. We EQ the narrator voice so that it is clearly distinguishable over the existing soundtrack. We shift each line of our DV narration (sometimes a frame at a time) so it sits cleanly between sound effects and dialogue in the existing track. And finally, we mix the final track to be a clean blend of the DV narration and your existing soundtrack.

Our greatest compliment is having sighted viewers tell us our narration is so unobtrusive they thought it was part of the original show!

How do we work together?

It’s simple. All you have to do is upload a Quick Time file of your final cut directly on this website at our Client Login page. Alternately, you can put it in our dropbox, give us the coordinates to your FTP server or, if so inclined, send it over on a tape. We don’t need scripts, DVDs with time codes, cast lists or anything else.

Once we’ve completed the DV, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the track. If on tape, we’ll re-stripe the DV track to channels 3 and 4. Just let us know what your project timelines are and we will deliver. The typical turn-around time is a week, but we can and routinely deliver projects much faster, when required.

If you need to provide us with another format or by an alternate delivery method, no problem. Just get in touch and we’ll figure it out together. Our goal is to make your life easier. You provide us your project requirements and we’ll provide you an efficient and professional solution.

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Language Dubbing Services

Dubbing content into other languages is a cost-efficient way of opening up new markets. Let us help you do this with our expertise in multiple languages. Over the past sixteen years we have dubbed corporate and broadcast productions into languages ranging from French to Farsi.

Our efficiency and accuracy have made us the primary choice of several clients, including ChumCity International, IMAX Corporation, Interwood Marketing, Thane Direct and many others, for whom we have dubbed or versioned a variety of shows and content, in both lip-sync and UN-style. Check out some of our Language Dubbing work and references.

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“Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work on Match Game. You were able to deliver the video description of 60 episodes in a very short time. Your work was impeccable and the post house where we had our editing done seemed very pleased with your work also. I will definitely get in touch with you if there is a season 2.”

France Poirier, Producer, Match Game.