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I wanted to share with you an exciting new development here at John Hauber Productions. Because your time is probably tight, the short version will come first, with a lengthier explanation further down.   Effective today, most episodic shows described by us, and some select movies, will include a line on the DV track, during […]

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Video Description – Audio Description – Descriptive – Described

One of the most frustrating hurdles in the way of making TV and movies accessible to the blind is, essentially, one of semantics and confusion.   –          Descriptive Video –          Described Video –          Audio Description –          Video Description   Four terms, all separate, all meaning essentially the same, yet with subtle differences. It’s maddening to […]

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Video description reinstated for US networks

Last October, President Barack Obama signed the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, opening the doors for the FCC to reinstate the mandate for Video Description on US networks which had first seen the light in 2001.   Back then, the US, Canada and the UK were all roughly at the same early stages […]

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The cost of descriptive video

Just about the biggest hurdle to universal adoption of described video appears to be the perception that it is simply too expensive.   About ten years ago, Canada’s Global TV became the first commercial broadcaster in the world to offer DV as part of their regular schedule. This was due, in no small part, to […]

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Other outlets for descriptive video

The drive to make TV accessible through closed captioning and descriptive video is obviously well under way. In Canada, DV has been a regular feature for broadcasters since 2001 (with more and more networks being told to add a greater number of described hours per week), and CC is, on the top tier networks, almost […]

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The Humour Quandary

One of the hardest challenges when producing descriptive video for the vision impaired is how to approach the subject of visual humour.   Often, in describing a visual gag, one gets the same feeling as when having to explain a joke: The very attempt at explaining it will kill it.   It’s a bit of […]

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The Describer’s Dilemma, or the case of the vanishing retainers.

Last week I explored the serious issue of how to approach race and ethnicity when describing a show. You can read about it and leave your comments here.   Today, in a lighter vein, I want to share another aspect of doing descriptive video. Here’s the setup:   Several years ago, describing an episode of […]

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Three radically different Camelots…

Camelot #1: “Merlin” Merlin follows the adventures of the young sorcerer and his “boss”, then Prince Arthur Pendragon, as they strive to defend Camelot against all manner of foes, real or mythological. Now about to enter its third season, it is, as it were, Camelot-light. Camelot #2: “Camelot” A much grittier show, Camelot stars Joseph […]

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