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I wanted to share with you an exciting new development here at John Hauber Productions. Because your time is probably tight, the short version will come first, with a lengthier explanation further down.   Effective today, most episodic shows described by us, and some select movies, will include a line on the DV track, during […]

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Every week, we at John Hauber Productions get two or three calls and emails from people who would like to purchase described movies and television shows. Unfortunately, our answer is always the same: while we have described thousands of hours, and have most of that material backed up on our systems, we are not allowed […]

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The cost of descriptive video

Just about the biggest hurdle to universal adoption of described video appears to be the perception that it is simply too expensive.   About ten years ago, Canada’s Global TV became the first commercial broadcaster in the world to offer DV as part of their regular schedule. This was due, in no small part, to […]

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Other outlets for descriptive video

The drive to make TV accessible through closed captioning and descriptive video is obviously well under way. In Canada, DV has been a regular feature for broadcasters since 2001 (with more and more networks being told to add a greater number of described hours per week), and CC is, on the top tier networks, almost […]

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Three radically different Camelots…

Camelot #1: “Merlin” Merlin follows the adventures of the young sorcerer and his “boss”, then Prince Arthur Pendragon, as they strive to defend Camelot against all manner of foes, real or mythological. Now about to enter its third season, it is, as it were, Camelot-light. Camelot #2: “Camelot” A much grittier show, Camelot stars Joseph […]

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It’s that time of year again!

Christmas, New Year, Hannukah… it all translates into a time for feel-good movies! This year is no exception, and some Canadian broadcasters are going at it full-swing. Look for described versions of the movies Click, RV, Deck the Halls, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and, one of our personal favourites… ET! All coming soon, and […]

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