How to Make Your Essay Longer

Perhaps the most challenging thing that a student can face when writing an essay is how to make it longer. It’s a struggle especially when you’ve already run out of words.. But no worries. In this post, we will provide you some useful tips that can make your essay longer.  There are so many different sites that teaches you how to make it “appear” longer, but we don’t want to do that. Instead, our friends from buyessaynow will teach you how to make your essay really longer.

Definitions. You can define words in a lot of ways to make your essay longer. Get definitions from different sources. However, make sure that your explanation doesn’t get boring. You wouldn’t want to lose your readers’ interest. Thus, give a definition of terms but see to it your readers will learn something new from each definition.

Quotations and Dialogues. These are some of the best ways to keep your essay long. Aside from providing the quotations or dialogues, give a brief description of the person who said it and why he or she said such words. It’s like giving a little history to your reader where the quotation or dialogue came from.

Examples. Provide examples to illustrate what your main point is. Not only will this make your essay longer, but it will also explain further to your reader what you’re trying to convey. Most of all, it will help them picture such explanation into their minds. This, in return, will let them understand the whole point of your argument.

Evidence. These can include statistical data or experiments. You may also elaborate on previous research studies or essays that have already been written. This will not just lengthen your essay, it will also serve as proof to your existing argument.

Now that you already know these techniques, it would already be quite easy for you to make your essays longer.