Three radically different Camelots…

Camelot #1: “Merlin”

Merlin follows the adventures of the young sorcerer and his “boss”, then Prince Arthur Pendragon, as they strive to defend Camelot against all manner of foes, real or mythological. Now about to enter its third season, it is, as it were, Camelot-light.

Camelot #2: “Camelot”

A much grittier show, Camelot stars Joseph Fiennes as a darker Merlin, struggling to hold up the fledgling Arthur’s kingdom. It does an incredible job of tracing back the mythology of each Arthurian legend to a plausible reality. Set in the ruins of Camelot, this high end drama is sure to please.

Camelot #3: The Kennedys

All right, so perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch to add it to the list, but this mini-series, with high production values and a fantastic cast, traces the story of the modern day Camelot and its “king”, Jack Kennedy, from humble political beginnings to the presidency and assassination.


Three Camelots, each unique, all described!