Show Title: Beauty And The Beast


Described by: John Hauber Productions




Catherine Chandler, or Cat: Played by Kristin Kreuk. In her thirties, Caucasian, slim and attractive, with long, straight brown hair and hazel eyes that can fixate in a deep stare, become glazed with sadness, or sparkle when she smiles.


Vincent Keller: Played by Jay Ryan. In his thirties, Caucasian, tall, with short dark hair, normally clean shaven, though sometimes scruffy. Handsome and athletic, with a scar down the right side of his face. His normally dark eyes can glow yellow-green when heís distressed. In extreme cases, his face and body become distorted, but in those situations he tends to move at speeds that make him come across somewhat blurry.


Evan: Played by Max Brown. In his thirties, Caucasian, tall, with short blond hair. Mostly clean shaven and clean cut. Handsome, with broad shoulders and a disarming smile.


Tess Vargas: Played by Nina Lisandrello. In her thirties, Caucasian, though tanned and probably partly Hispanic. Tall and attractive, with long flowing brown hair, an elongated and strong face, full lips and dark, deep eyes.


J.T.: Played by Austin Basis. In his thirties, Caucasian, with receding dark hair, nerdy-looking, with glasses and slightly podgy.


Joe: Played by Brian White. In his thirties, Black, tall, athletic and handsome, with short dark hair and a moustache. Sometimes with a soul patch under his lower lip and a tuft of hair on his chin.


Heather: Played by Nicole Gale Anderson. In her twenties, Caucasian, with brown hair, often long and flowing. Attractive and slightly shorter and curvier than Cat, with dark eyes and a wide open smile.





Catís apartment: Entering through the front door, the small foyer leads to the open-concept kitchen/living room, so that from the door one can look directly across at the window leading to the fire escape. A large island counter separates the kitchen from the living room. To the back and side, a hallway leads to Cat and Heatherís bedrooms and the bathroom.


Vincent and J.T.ís warehouse: An abandoned brick building, probably used to be a factory or industrial workshop. A single metal door, lit by a solitary lightbulb, as its only entrance. The entire building is surrounded by a fence. Inside, the ground level floor is a common area/living room. The top floor houses Vincentís quarters, and is completely open, but filled with old shelves and some lab equipment.


The precinct: Set in an urban street, a corridor leads to a reception desk. Beyond it, the ground floor opens up to a collection of desks, including those of Cat and Tess, which sit next to each other. A staircase leads to the top floor, where Joeís office is, as well as a coffee station on a balcony overlooking the lower level. Elsewhere in the precinct is Evanís lab, a smallish room with a metal slab for bodies and the usual assortment of lab equipment around the walls.





J.T.ís car: A small, light blue compact from the 80s or 90s showing signs of wear.