Show Title: Merlin, or The Adventures of Merlin


Described by: John Hauber Productions




Merlin: Played by Colin Morgan. In his late teens in the earlier episodes, now in his early twenties. Hes Caucasian, slim, with either short or slightly messy dark hair. He has a disarming smile and eyes that can fixate in an intense stare.


Arthur: Played by Bradley James. In his early to mid twenties. Caucasian, blond, slim and athletic, with chiselled good looks, full lips and deep blue eyes.


Gaius: Played by Richard Wilson. In his seventies. Caucasian, with long white hair. Hes slim, and often has a slightly lopsided smile.


Gwen, or Guenivere: Played by Angel Coulby. In her twenties. Olive skinned, attractive, with long flowing dark hair and dark eyes. While possibly of mixed ethnicity, in the story, her brother is Sir Elyan (see below).


Morgana: Played by Katie McGrath. In her twenties. Caucasian, with very pale skin, clear blue eyes and jet black, straight long hair.


Uther Pendragon: Played by Anthony Head. In his fifties. Caucasian, slim and handsome, with short dark hair.


Sir Leon: Played by Rupert Young. In his thirties. Caucasian, with longish blond hair and either scruffy or a trim beard.


Sir Gwaine: Played by Eoin Macken. In his mid twenties to early thirties. Caucasian, handsome, slim, with messy dark hair and scruffy.


Sir Elyan: Played by Adetomiwa Edun: In his mid twenties to early thirties. Black, athletic and handsome.


Sir Percival: Played by Tom Hopper. In his twenties. Caucasian, with short blond hair. Tall and muscular, with rugged good looks.


Agravaine: Played by Nathaniel Parker. In his fifties. Caucasian, with messy dark hair and slightly podgy.


Lancelot: Played by Santiago Cabrera. In his late twenties to early thirties. Hispanic, slim and handsome, with short dark hair and usually scruffy.


Morgause: Played by Emilia Fox. In her thirties. Caucasian, with long flowing blond hair.


The Dragon: With scaly, greenish-grey skin, large wings, a long neck and spiky tail. It is several times taller than a human.




Camelot: Both the castle and the citadel, surrounded by a wall, with a main entrance, but also ancillary doors scattered around it. The entrance to the castle itself leads to a set of stone steps down to a cobbled stone courtyard. Below the castle, among narrow and generally dark alleyways and streets, lies a smattering of homes, an open air market and a canteen. Just outside the castle walls, between Camelot and the forest treeline, lie the grassy fields where Arthur and the knights train.




Clothes: As befits a Camelot-based legend, the clothing is early medieval. Merlin wears loose fitting shirts and pants. When not in full regal attire, Arthur, like the knights, wears either a breastplate or full armour and red cape with the same dragon picture that adorns the banners and flags of Camelot.


Weapons: The knights and characters fight with the usual compliment of medieval weapons: Large broadswords, small shields, bow and arrow, maces, etc.