Show Title: The Ron James Show


Described by: John Hauber Productions




Ron James, in his fifties, short but slim, with short reddish blond hair. Ron has a very expressive face, which he puts to good use especially during his stand-up routines.





The stage, on which Ron does the stand-up segments of the show, is a fairly large, semi-circular platform with arches and windows in the background. He stands facing an audience of about 100, sitting on rows that elevate towards the back of the room. On either side of the stage, large screens usually show the title: The Ron James Show.






The Lil Ronnie James segment: This animated segment usually appears once per show. In it, the characters are drawn, but their heads are still photos of the actual people. So that Ronnieís character has Ronís head, but the body of a little boy. In this segment, the other recurring characters are:


The Father: In his fifties, with dark hair.

The Mother: In her thirties, slim and dark haired.

Becky: About the same age as Ronnie, with dark hair in pigtails