Show Title: Vikings


Described by: John Hauber Productions




Ragnar Lothbrok: Played by Travis Fimmel. In his thirties, Caucasian, with long blond hair, usually in a ponytail or braid, but with the sides of his head shaved. He has piercing blue eyes, is athletic, and normally has a beard.


Rollo: Played by Clive Standen. In his thirties, Caucasian. Taller than Ragnar, with dark long hair, usually loose and flowing down his shoulders and back. Also with a beard. More muscular than Ragnar, with an intense look in his eyes and a more chiselled face.


Lagertha: Played by Katheryn Winnick. In her thirties, Caucasian, blond, with long flowing hair. Lagertha is attractive and slim, but also very athletic and somewhat muscular.


Earl Haraldson: Played by Gabriel Byrne. In his fifties, slim, Caucasian, with long, greying hair usually pulled back away from his face.


Floki: Played by Gustaf Skarsgaard. In his late thirties or early forties, Caucasian, slim and scrawny, with receding dark hair and a scruffy, ragged beard. Floki’s eyes and face are very expressive, often shifting up and down a range of emotions in a matter of a few seconds, which almost gives him a deranged look.


Siggy: Played by Jessalyn Gilsig. In her late thirties or early forties, Caucasian, slim, with dirty blond to brown hair. The earl’s wife has very pointed features, which give her a look that is at times harsh, and other times seductive.


Bjorn: Played by Nathan O’Toole. A teenaged boy of about 12 or 13, with short blond hair and intense, piercing eyes.


Athelstan: Played by George Blagden. In his thirties, Caucasian, slim, handsome and boyish, with dark hair and a round tonsure shaved on the top of his head. He wears the brown robes of a monk, and simple leather sandals.





Ragnar’s farm: By a body of water as yet undefined as a lake, ocean or wide river. It consists of a central building, with several rooms, surrounded by some paddocks or pens made with wooden fences. The farm is accessed via a bridge. In the large building, a central, common area surrounds an open fire hearth. Other rooms are accessed through it.


The village: A collection of several dozen buildings by the water. Always bustling with activity, it is the seat of power, dominated by the Earl’s great hall, a building that can house about a hundred men and women, with a platform on which the Earl and Siggy sit on large wooden chairs. A wooden dock serves as the terminus for the ships returning from pillaging sorties. A market and paddocks complete it.






Ragnar’s ship: A typical Viking ship, with large, wood-carved dragon’s heads on the fore and aft castles. Only about 30 to 40 feet in length (10 to 14 meters), it carries a crew of about a dozen Vikings. On climbing aboard, each Viking sets his or her shield on the sides of the ship, creating a sort of armour. It is propelled either by a large square sail hanging from the main mast, or by oars that run through holes in the sides of the hull. In inclement weather, a large canvass is drawn across the deck, like a tent.