Show Title: Homeland


Described by: John Hauber Productions




Brody (Nicholas Brody): Played by Damien Lewis. In his late-thirties or early forties, Caucasian, with red hair. Brody is slim, but athletic, with deep set eyes and at times an intense expression.


Carrie Mathison: Played by Claire Danes. In her thirties, Caucasian, with long blond hair. Carrie is attractive, her expression ranges from girlish to deeply focused, with full red lips.


Jessica Brody: Played by Morena Baccarin. In her early thirties, Caucasian, with neck-length, flared dark hair and a beaming smile. Jessica is very slim, attractive and has dark, soulful eyes.


David Estes: Played by David Harewood. In his forties, Black, athletic and handsome. David generally appears in an impeccable suit and has expressive eyes that communicate with a quick shift or a deep stare.


Mike: Played by Diego Klattenhoff. In his thirties, Caucasian, with dark hair, chiselled features and model good looks.


Chris Brody: Played by Jackson Pace. In his early teens, Caucasian, with short dirty blond hair.


Dana Brody: Played by Morgan Saylor. In her mid-teens, Caucasian, with long dirty blond hair flowing past her shoulders and sometimes frizzy.


Saul Berenson: Played by Mandy Patinkin. In his late-fifties to early-sixties, Caucasian, with grey dark hair and a grey, bushy beard and glasses. Saul usually wears suits and dress shirts, with or without a tie, but not as meticulous as David.


Virgil: Played by David Marciano. In his late-forties, Caucasian, tall and lanky, balding, with greying hair down the sides of his head and temples.





The Brody’s house: A suburban bungalow, with an open concept kitchen/living room where most of the family interactions take place. A long hallway leads to the two teenagers’ rooms and the master bedroom, with an ensuite bathroom. Off the kitchen/living room, through sliding doors, is a deck and the sprawling backyard which backs onto the woods. Standing on the front lawn, to the left of the house is a car-port and then a garage, with its own side entrance.


Carrie’s house: A townhouse, with a hallway leading from the front door to the sunken, small living room. At one end of it, a desk sits by a wall covered with photos of Brody, newspaper clippings, maps and other documents. At the other end, a couch and a simple coffee table.


The CIA: A huge building with large corridors and hallways, some with glass walls looking onto gardens or courtyards. Several offices and boardrooms, all fairly standard. The command centre has large wall screens all around, desks for the analysts and sliding glass doors leading in and out of it.