Show Title: Psych


Described by: John Hauber Productions




Sean Spencer: Played by James Roday, Caucasian, in his thirties, podgy and usually with some stubble on his face. Sean’s main gesture, when he’s figured something out, is to bring a finger up to his temple in a very theatrical way while pretending to be receiving a vision.


Burton ‘Gus’ Guster: Played by Dulé Hill, Black, in his thirties and slim. Always elegantly dressed, Gus has a very expressive face and a disarming smile.


Juliet O’Hara: Played by Maggie Lawson, Caucasian, in her thirties, slim, attractive, with long blond hair. Juliet dresses elegantly while at work. She has a broad, friendly smile, and eyes that sparkle when she’s excited or happy.


Carlton Lassiter: Played by Timothy Omundson, Caucasian, in his early forties, slim, with short dark hair. Lassiter is always dressed in sober, elegant and fitted suits, very seldom in casual attire. Normally he has a stern expression and deep frown, but on occasion his smile shines through.


Henry Spencer: Played by Corbin Bernsen, Caucasian, in his sixties, slim, athletic and balding.


Karen Vick: Played by Kirsten Nelson, Caucasian, in her forties, slim, attractive, with neck length dirty blond hair.






The Psych Office: Probably a former house, converted into an office, with the Psych logo prominently displayed on the large street-front windows. Inside, the living room space contains Sean and Gus’s desks, as well as a couch and coffee table by the bow windows. The spaces adjacent to the working room are the kitchen and a foyer, visible from the office through an opening in the wall and a doorway.


The Santa Barbara Police Department: A large building in Spanish colonial style, with tiled floors, an entryway that leads to the bullpen, where Lassiter and Juliet’s desks sit, and several offices and briefing rooms, as well as the usual assortment of interview rooms with two way mirrors. Outside the building, the front steps lead down to a manicured lawn with the large sign that reads Santa Barbara Police Department.


The town of Santa Barbara: With hills on one side and the ocean on the other, the town is made up of mostly low rise buildings, lots of beach and waterfront scenes, and very little in the way of a typical, bustling downtown. In general, it gives the impression of being a more relaxed, laid back kind of place than a large, urban centre.







The blueberry: Gus’s car, a small, compact, roundish and very blue Japanese import. It has been used and abused, but always appears as brand new in each episode.